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Advanced Network Integration

Rainmaker Network Services specializes in fault tolerant enterprise and Internet networking; including WAN/LAN infrastructure, Internet and firewall security, disaster recovery, corporate remote access, virtual private networks and video conferencing.

Careful Planning Saves Time and Money

There's much more to building or expanding a network than plugging in boxes and running wizards. Unfortunately many networks are built in just such a manner, by a variety of vendors; often without the benefit of long term planning.

The result is difficult to manage at best and trouble prone at worst, and in any case costs more than doing it right the first time. If you're planning on building a new network, or enhancing an existing network with new capabilities, careful planning and execution saves you time and money.

Comprehensive Design Ensures Scalability

Effective design requires analysis of business requirements, application behavior, management capabilities, and of course cost. To realize long term savings, support for future applications and network enhancements must be considered at the same time.

An elegant design makes maximum use of existing assets, allows graceful changes and eases implementation. The design costs are more than offset by reduced maintenance requirements and greater reliability.

Managed Implementation Delivers Results

Each implementation plan is customized for your business requirements, schedule and budget. Technical and schedule dependencies are identified early for a smooth deployment.

In many cases such projects are managed and implemented by customer staff, in others completely outsourced, or by some combination. We work with you as a team, in the capacity that best matches your needs.

Customized Maintenance Maximizes Performance

A well designed network still requires consistent administration and occasional maintenance. We can provide both; or develop your resources and maintenance processes for you. Documentation and training are available at whatever level you require.

Network and systems monitoring and alerting is also available, through our proActive subscription service.

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